Why Screen Print?

As the gold standard in packaging decoration, screen printing provides considerable benefits over traditional labels in virtually every aspect, and we are able to offer it with surprising affordability.

The process, also called Applied Ceramic Labelling (ACL) or Silk Screening, involves a ceramic ink to be applied to the item one color at a time, then cured with heat or UV light to form a highly detailed, durable print.

Read more about the benefits of this method of decoration below.


Unlike labels, which can be ruined by contact with water, oil, or soap, direct printed artwork is extremely durable and won’t fade or scratch.


By receiving your company’s packaging pre-decorated, you can save many hours that would have been spent applying labels. Plus, you won’t have to spend time stocking and managing labels for each SKU.

Perceived Quality

The ceramic ink used in screen printing has a slightly raised feel, leaving the tactile impression of a luxurious and high quality product. No longer worry about issues such as bubbling or peeling labels which cheapens the image of your brand.

Print Clarity

When containers are printed directly, the resolution and clarity of the artwork can far exceed what’s possible with labels. Small text and graphics will especially benefit from the easy readability and refined details.

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